The Telesofia Video Platform

Increase your patient engagement and compliance using personalized and branded medical videos.

Telesofia Medical offers a proprietary platform that automatically generates personalized educational videos for patients, based on their clinical data.

These videos help in clarifying medical information, and increase patient satisfaction, understanding and compliance. The videos are generated on demand for each patient, and can then be delivered to them using a variety of methods - such as email, text message (SMS), a website or a mobile application.

Can I see an example video?

Absolutely. This video was automatically generated for a 30 year old male named David that needs to take Nexium 20mg, once a day.

Notice how the video features actors with matching demographics, and how they explain exactly which medication to take, when to take it and how to properly use it.

So, how does this work, exactly?

Excellent question. We have designed a platform that can generate videos based on any number of input parameters. The platform supports many uses cases, such as explaining proper use of medication, directing preparations for medical procedures and providing discharge instructions. It can virtually support any other use case that requires a different video based on the patient’s details.

The input parameters can be sent to the system using a variety of methods and sources. If you have a website or a mobile application, you can use our web API to send the parameters and receive a URL for the video in return.

We designed this system so it can be integrated to any existing workflow, so if your patient details comes from another source - like your patient management system - we can integrate the system with it so that your patients gain access to their personalized educational videos.

Why is this needed anyway?

Medical instructions can be confusing. 9 out of 10 people need help understanding medical information. In the U.S., it creates an economic drain of ~$238B annually caused by improper treatment adherence, re-admissions, procedure cancellations, and more.

Telesofia Medical is determined to make this better for the patients and for the entire chain of healthcare professionals that take part in the patient treatment.

How do I bring these videos to my patients?

If you are a healthcare professional - a hospital manager, a pharmacist, a pharma company representative or a medical device company representative - this system is designed for you.

There are two primary ways of bringing personalized videos to your patients:

Option 1:
Assisted self service using Telesofia’s web API

This method is suitable for you if you have development capabilities in your team. The decision on which parameters to send us, and how to present the resulting videos to your patients are entirely up to you. You can register for a basic API access on our developers portal.

Option 2:
Full system integration

Using this method, our team will work closely with you to identify the best course of action. We will explore the different data sources you have and plan the ideal input and delivery routes.

What’s next?

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