Better Care with Personalized Medication Videos

Personalized Medication Videos as a way to improve adherence.

Written medical instructions are long, unclear and confusing to patients. A simple misunderstanding may reduce medication adherence and risk the patient's health with unwanted and potentially dangerous side effects.

Studies show a total of $105.4 billion in avoidable medication adherence costs.

Medical Information is Confusing

Too often, even the most basic medical instructions are misunderstood or misinterpreted by patients.

For example, 9 out of 10 people don't use medical information properly and approximately 62% of patients are unaware of any safety warnings related to their medicine.

Improve Medication Adherence with Personalized Videos

We offer a drug information service that automatically generates personalized medication videos for 5000+ medication products. These videos are based on official information provided by The National Library of Medicine in compliance with the most current FDA label information.

Our short, personalized, medication videos speak directly to patients about the specific drug they are taking. They present only relevant information in order to encourage action and improve understanding.

Each video is tailored specifically to the patients' demographics and prescription, and may also include branding information for the hospital, pharmacy or treating physician.

Example Videos for Nexium 20mg

For a 30 year old man named David
1 capsule a day

For a 60 year old woman named Maria
2 capsules a day

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We take care of everything - producing the videos, hosting them and delivering them to your patients.

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