Video Discharge Pilot Program

Telesofia is looking for hospitals interested in evaluating its Video Discharge platform.

About the Pilot

The pilot program focuses on Pneumonia discharge which is one of the Medicare targeted conditions for the readmission reduction plan, where often 1 out of 5 patients are readmitted.

Step 1: System Review

During this step we will review the protocols for the first 8 days post pneumonia discharge instructions.

You will be given the opportunity to provide feedback on the content we developed for the video scripts, and provide input on what specifically is important to you to be included in a discharge plan.

Step 2: System Evaluation

During this step we will grant you access to the discharge videos for a pilot period of 3-6 months. The system will be integrated into your existing workflow.


Hospitals collaborating with Telesofia Medical:

  • Will bring value to their patients and hospital, improve medical outcomes, reduce readmissions, and step-up their patient management process.
  • Get free early access to our innovative Video Discharge platform during the pilot.
  • Have the ability to influence the Video Discharge platform features to fit their own discharge protocol.


Before applying, please make sure your hospital fits these requirements:

  • Hospital should be in the United States.
  • Hospital should have a minimum of 240 pneumonia patients per year.

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